The number of people in Greece that accept, appreciate and seek smoke-free places is constantly growing. The variety of independent and co-existing incentives to register the coffee shops, bars and restaurants, where smoking is not allowed, is a clear indicator that our mentality is shifting.



The idea of smoke-free venues (bars, cafes, restaurants) in Greece is becoming mainstream. is here to encourage and accelerate that trend.

In particular, our charter has two facets: on one hand to promote and support the venues which do not permit smoking in closed areas, and on the other hand to help those who seek smoke-free areas for their entertainment.

The campaign is not an anti-smoking campaign- it is a non-smoking campaign which starts everything with a positive spirit of cooperation.

We understand that this fresh mindset can have a much broader impact for those living in Greece. We believe that the positive actions each of us is willing and capable of taking will boost other initiatives as well, going well above and beyond our smoke-free charter.




The shops that are included in our list meet the requirements below:

  • They don’t permit smoking in all their indoor spaces
  • They are either coffee shops, bars or restaurants
  • They are located anywhere in Greece



In short, the law states the following:
• smoking and the use of tobacco products is strictly forbidden in all the health regulated establishments and specifically in the establishments of food, drink, confectionary and all milk-based product preparation and consumption, in mixed establishments and entertainment centres
• all health regulated establishments with a space of up to 70 m2 will be defined, by decision of their owner, which will be incorporated in their operating licence, as exclusively smoking or non-smoking
More details on Article 3 of the 3730/2008 Law (Greek Government Gazette 262/A’/23.12.2008)


Feeling that age, gender and place of residence is not important, we focus on the following:

We are a group of ordinary Greek citizens and Philhellenes that:
• Sincerely care about the long-term interest of Greece
• Wish to preserve its legacy and heritage
• Invest and depend on its future
• Wish to improve the self-image of its citizens, as well as the image that foreign actors have of it

There is no need for big investments and centralized State planning. Adding to the many other volunteer organizations in Greece, we too wish to contribute, through a range of initiatives/projects, in the consolidation and strengthening of mutual respect and cultural-economic support of our country.

We believe and expect that results will be evident when individuals make a thorough and of genuine interest effort.

Our team is always open in good-natured and positive ideas, corrections and proposals. Please, email us at



There are many noticeable efforts, we reward them and are looking forward to seeing and finding even more. A sample:

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