Why are you restricting the liberties of smokers?

As already mentioned on other pages of our website, we are not anti-smokers. We are non-smokers and we aim 1) to help those who don’t smoke find a venue where smoking is strictly not allowed indoors and 2) to help the shops that don’t permit smoking find their clientele.

Do you also accept…semi-smoking shops?

No. We support the shops that on principle don’t permit smoking in their enclosed areas. Those principles shouldn’t be subject to change, depending on the time of day or the number of customers at a specific time of day.

Can anyone suggest a shop?

Yes, everyone can suggest a shop which, in their view, meets the requirements and for that matter, we encourage it. However, before making any post on our website, we must cross check the information, by contacting the shop and obtaining a confirmation from it.

How reliable is the information provided on your website?

Each shop listed as smoke-free has sent us a confirmation, via email, stating that smoking is not allowed in all its enclosed areas. For clarity of our initiative, this email is posted on our website.

Can a shop be listed on your website, without the confirmation email be shown publicly?

No, what we aim for is to help these shops and to promote them. The email confirmation is an additional security that this specific restaurant, coffee shop or bar is indeed smoke-free. These emails have been thoroughly processed to withhold all the personal data they might contain. If a shop so wishes it, a revised confirmation email can be resent to us, regarding the format of the email.

A shop listed on your website allows smoking. Is there anything I can do about it?

If it comes to your attention that one of our shops don’t comply with the regulation, you can notify us by sending us email to info@akapnos.gr and we will look into it. However, it must be pointed out that a single report on a shop will not ipso facto lead to its removal from our site.